Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ohhh I've been so overwhelmed. Its my senior year so Im.....dying. And drinking. bahahaha.

Heres some new looks!

Eyes: Groundwork paintpot on lid, Coppering in crease, Brown Down and Embark in corner. Smudged with smolder all around. #3 and #1 lashes stacked on top of each other.

LIPS: Myth lipstick, Spree Lipglass

FACE: Golden bronzer, Studio Fix Powder

EYES: Bare Canvas Paint on lid, Style Snob all over lid and crease, some wallgreens lashes haha

LIPS: Fleshpot lipstick

FACE: Studio Fix Powder

EYES: Bare canvas paint, vanilla on lid, mulled cider on crease, blacktrack fluidline, some lashes idk

LIPS: Viva glam I and III mixed, Spree lipglass

K thats a lot. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont steal my pictures, I will know I have it embedded. So many people steal them I really should start watermarking but you know, Im lazy.

Thanks guys! Im studying for my advanced makeup certification so wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! And please post more often! After you said you were making a blog, I was super excited! But, every time I checked for updates there weren't any :(

  2. Oh I will I promise!!! Ive just been so busy! There are many updates in the future I promise!

  3. Update please! Like what are you going to be for Halloween? :)

  4. I really like your looks & think you are very talented. But, it's kind of rude to make a big announcement on LJ that you are making a blog & get people to follow you. Then you never bother to update it. I mean what's the point? And saying that you are too busy drinking to update is kinda of ridiculous & immature. You say you have so much to share, but you haven't given us anything since September. You can't find time to at least update once a week or every 2 weeks?